Sunless Expressions - A Leader In Airbrush Tanning

A Leader In Airbrush Tanning

Sunless Expressions has been serving the Airbrush Tanning industry with top shelf quality airbrush tanning solutions since 2001 offering technically advanced, state-of -the-art products for salons, day spas, mobile technicians and home party providers.

Sunless Expressions offers airbrush tanning solutions & airbrush tanning equipment  selling wholesale direct to our clients eliminating the middle man to bring you the freshest DHA solutions and the best possible profit margins within your airbrush tanning business.

Our goal is to deliver the most affordable, highest quality, and most profoundly innovative DHA solutions at prices everyone can afford.  Our airbrush solutions are PH Balanced to increase deep dermal penetration, enhance color and allows for slow, natural fading. Sunless Expressions products are hypoallergenic, paraben free, alcohol free and fragrance free.

 We pride ourselves in providing fast, efficient service and outstanding customer support. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations with the best products, & service a company can offer.


 Meet the owner:



Hello, my name is Cindy Nicoletti and I am the owner & founder of Sunless Expressions Airbrush Tanning. Having previously owned other businesses in the industry, I have over 25 years of experience in both skin care, tanning & bath & body including product development, sales, marketing, and customer service. Service is a word that I take very seriously, service to others and service to one self.

I invite you to take advantage of the personal care and service offered by Sunless Expressions. We provide you with ongoing education and the tools you will need to build a strong customer base while becoming a confident airbrush tanning professional.

At Sunless Expressions, we recognize that your success is our success, and we are dedicated to empowering you to be successful.


Cindy Nicoletti




The owner of Sunless Expressions would like to recommend her stepfather's book:

Number 176520 


This famous photograph was taken a few days after the liberation of Buchenwald and appeared on the cover of a popular national magazine in the 1960s. Paul is pictured (circled) here on the third bunk from the bottom, the third person from the left (with his food bowl that doubled as a pillow).

Cindy, Owner and Founder of Sunless Expressions is the step daughter of a man with an astounding and miraculous life story. Paul Argiewicz was an eleven year old child in 1941 when he was arrested in Poland by two Nazi SS officers. His crime? Paul had stolen two loaves of bread to take to his starving family in the Jewish ghetto. Separated from his family and everything he loved, he would spend the next four years of his young life working as a slave laborer in seven different concentration camps. From Auschwitz to Blechhammer, Gross Rosen, and Buchenwald, Argiewicz; defied all odds by surviving one of modern history's most unimaginable atrocities against humanity: the Holocaust.

Sunless Expressions is proud to recommend Number 176520 ~ The Story of Paul Argiewicz, a Teenage Holocaust Survivor. With over 16 pages of full-color photos, original camp documents, and other visuals, Number 176520 has quickly become a highly revered and sought-after Holocaust resource in schools, bookstores, libraries, museums, and homes. Visit to purchase and/or learn more about the book that has been inspiring countless readers around the world.

 We regretfully announce Paul passed away December 11, 2013.


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